Egg white powder Confectionery IGRECA (BP1101)

Pasteurized egg white powder Confectionery specially designed for the production of marshmallow, cakes, sweets whipped "Bird's milk" and other whipping masses.

The advantages of using:
- High whipping ability and foam stability,
- Effective rehydration ratio at 1:10
- Good microbiological characteristics,
- Long shelf life - 24mon.

To 1 part of the egg white powder add 10 parts of water to obtain 11 parts of liquid protein (1kg of dry protein is equivalent to liquid protein approx. of 342 eggs).

For convenience, you can mix the egg powder with other powdered ingredients before reconstitution.

25 kg net, plastic bags in a carton.

Shelf life:
24 months

The quality of egg albumen confirmed the necessary regulatory documentation:
- Hygienic conclusion;
- Veterinary certificates for each shipment;
- Certificate of quality;
- Certificate of Analysis for each batch.