About Us

   Company "Larus" is Limited Liability Company which was established in 1998. The main activity of our company is import and wholesale of raw materials for the food industry in Ukraine. The company has three offices in Lviv, Kyiv and Rivne. "Larus" LTD has 16-years experience on the market of Ukraine and is recognized as the leader in its field, as evidenced by the company's victory in 2006 at the National Business Rating and assigning the title of the leader in wholesale trading of coffee, tea and spices. "Larus" company took the third place on such criteria as sales volume, productivity, net profit and wages.

   We supply raw materials to Ukrainian market for confectionery, bakery, oil-fat, dairy enterprises and ice cream producers: wide range of cocoa products (cocoa powder, cocoa liquer, cocoa butter), egg white and egg yolk powders, liquid sunflower and soya lecithin, vegetable fats, condensed milk, nuts, raisins, candied fruit, etc. The raw materials are imported from Germany, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Turkey, Malaysia, China, United States of America and others.

    Our main foreign partners are: ADM Cocoa Polska (Poland), ADM Specialty Ingredients (Europe) BV (Netherlands), JB Cocoa SdnBhd (Malaysia), Barry Callebaut (Poland), Igreca (France), Cargill (Netherlands), Multy Aneka Pangan (Indonesia), Voicevale (France), PremiumVegetableOilSdn Bhd (Malaysia), Lionraisins (USA), Catz BV (Netherlands), Summit Almomds (USA) and others.

    In its activity "Larus" company is guided by the following principles: high quality products, professional service and loyal prices. The company's success is provided by the dedicated work of experienced staff. "Larus" LTD regularly participates in the international exhibitions and is always looking for new business opportunities, new partners, best deals and top-quality products.